The Comprehensive Solution To The Complexities Of Crew Payroll

Your Solution To Crew Payroll


The intricacies of employing crew have only intensified as yachting has evolved.  From the Maritime Labour Convention, to tax laws in each country, to manning requirements,  Professional Yacht Crew provides you with the international solution to employ your crew and give them the benefits they have earned yet mitigates your insurance liability.


Professional Yacht Crew, in Cayman Islands, is a multi-faceted alternative to the traditional payroll services which would employ the crew. Under this structure the crew are employed through a segregated portfolio company and leased back to the yacht. If the vessel is a commercial vessel, all of the legal requirements of the Maritime Labour Convention are provided to the crew, including all crew health benefits, crew leave, monthly pay stubs and repatriation.

What's Included?


  • Meets MLC Convention requirements.
  • Payroll is processed efficiently and on time from our Cayman Island offices.
  • Compliant with United States and various country’s payroll tax laws.


  • PYC verifies crew certifications and qualifications.
  • Sources Crew medical insurance and any additional requested benefits.
  • Provides Flag State approved Seafarers Employment Agreements (SEA).

No Comparasion!

Traditional Crew

Crew Leasing


Owner's Insurance

Professional Yacht Crew


Depends on where the crewmember files claims, leaves Owner's liability open to countries with known high lawsuit payout

Cayman Islands

Crew Employed By


Professional Yacht Crew then leases back to Owner

MLC Approved



Crew Benefits

Fully satisfied as required by the MLC
and each country's specific laws

Fully satisfied as required by the MLC
and each country's specific laws

Safe Manning

Captain Verifies

Company verifies before crew is hired and on board


Standard accounting practices
efficiently reported & paid punctually monthly

Standard accounting practices
efficiently reported & paid punctually monthly

Company Location


Cayman Islands

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Strathvale House
2nd Floor
90 North Church Street
George Town, Cayman Islands

Fee Schedule

One-Time Set-Up Fee

Bank and wire template set-up fee to be charged at the initiation of the first payroll

Available Upon Request

Employment Fee, Per Crew Member

Monthly service fee to be charged for crew administration, payroll and management

Available Upon Request

New Hires

One-time set-up charge for each additional crew member

Available Upon Request

Maintenance Fees

Annual bank account maintenance fees to be charged on each anniversary

Available Upon Request